You need to do your job more than she needs to be

You're confusing yourself. Finding a job is a complex search, and you'll make it harder for him. I'll tell you why. Then I have some advice on how to kick your fear of luck in your ass and make him work for you. Welcome, welcome

You underestimate your skills

There is one aspect of finding a job that's in my head every time in the laundry list. I'm afraid I'll never end the marked points by telling me what I need. Sometimes I think the application is completely bypassed because all the descriptions begin

Buck and my friends, ' cause I'm gonna drop a bomb on you. You're good enough, and those bullion glasses matter less than you think. Do not underestimate yourself because it will appear in your application

Everyone says you have to be sure of the interview, but you have to show your confidence through your record

You have the skills to keep them from questioning them. Everyone says you have to be sure you're sure of the interview, but you have to show your confidence first. "Hey, boss, I'm going to make your company more than 213 percent better, and that's how." Well, maybe not to say it like that, but you got that idea

Every time you're afraid you're not qualified, you're going to rob that confidence. Stop selling yourself short and ignore the criteria you consider unqualified

You let fear in the event of a failure

So let' s go back to the loser -- that ugly, evil word that too often overlooks his head and reminds us of how vulnerable we are. The truth? You'll get refusals, and you need to take this

I opened it with excitement only to find out that the countdown to punishment turned away from me: "You have not been chosen this time ..."

When the first e-mail response in the job application came into my mailbox, I was excited to open it only to find that the disappointed phrase would leave me: "You have not been chosen this time ..."

After a little pity party, I sent more applications. A couple of days later, I got a message from LinkedIn, in which I was told that the hiring manager had made my request, but I never heard anything after that. I couldn't do it again, and it's the feeling that you get when someone leaves his read receipts and doesn't answer your text: I know you read it and decided not to answer

But believe it or not, it's a good sign. At the beginning, of course, it is not, but why: you know that they have read it. Instead of using your application for spills or spills, someone actually decided that you thought you deserved their consideration

Of course I couldn't get it

You're not Evolving

You must be a chameleon. I am not saying that you should take steps to coordinate your clothing with the wall that is facing (it would be very strange), but you need to change your resume so that it matches each job description that you use. Unlike what you might say, the executive summary is not one of the documents

If you do not receive answers or just feel that you have not been noticed, you should focus on changing your approach

If you do not receive answers or you just feel that you have not been noticed, you should focus on changing your approach. Things like that

But ask yourself, what are you doing in addition to sending your resume? Do you have an online portfolio? Do you meet people in your industry and meet them online? You need to grow as you adapt, and if you find that what you're doing is not enough, then (and there are no brains) that you need to do

It's important to remember that failure is not bad if you learn it. What's more, the more information you get about what doesn't work. Keep changing, adjusting. A failure could be your friend

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